The only intelligent building code checking solution in today's market.

OptaSoft software serves code officials and design professionals by empowering them to streamline processes by utilizing data-lead decision making. Our C++ framework environment technology, through artificial intelligence, allows collaboration between designers and the respective permitting authority. It allows any designer the ability to speak the plan analyst's language, in order to determine code compliance as easily as a code official.

The problem with the current manual building codes checking process.
The way we do code checking today has several disadvantages that intelligent code review technology can address and actually solves.
Electronic Plan Review? Or Manual Plan Review?

Since the existence of blueprints nearly 300 years ago, the construction industry has used paper and pencils to do its job. While a substantial number of progressive Architects, Engineers, Contractors and Consultants have been using computer-aided technologies on their projects for a few years, the plan review and building code compliance review process has, unfortunately, stayed pretty much the same.

Nevertheless, when it comes to code checking, these highly complex models created by thousands of firms, in most cases, have to be printed out on paper or digitally uploaded to a remote server or must be virtually simulated in order for code officials to manually review, mark-up, or digitally insert comments using an overlay technology.

The today's technology approach to code checking is tedious, inconsistent, sometimes inaccurate, slow, rather costly and and inevitably subjective, as plan analysts impose their own understanding of the code issues in their personal review.

A true automation of this process achieves a significant improvement in productivity in the planning and code review phases for the entire building industry.


Senario: A code official utlizing today's advanced marckup tools...
Current Process
Current Process
Results: A frequent reaction by many applicants (9 out 10)
Isn't time to discover ways to work smarter?

How do we Solve the Problem?

Until OptaSoft's revolutionary approach, solutions to the code checking compliance problem have been ineffective and one dimensional. The primary purpose of former solutions was to simply manage documents in a framework designed to change the embodiment of the materials to be reviewed (blueprints). They were deployed in the form of creating code studies, hosting a web-enabled service to submit plans for manual review, offering databases of building codes for electronic access, modeling the design in 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D or 7D to visualize, inserting mark-ups and comments on pdf drawings and comparing drawings side-by-side using digital overlay. All former solutions lead to increased challenges with implementation and higher overall cost, while failing to address the actual task of "code checking".

OptaSoft Intelligent Review Engine
100% manipulation proof of compliance decision result

Our innovative solution utilizes C++ frame work object oriented technology. An object is a "black box/module" that receives and sends messages. In o-o (object-oriented) architect, code and data are merged into a single indivisible thing "object/module" which actually contains code (building code and users input) and such kept apart. As a result, the permit issuing authorities, design professionals and consultants enjoy a peace of mind that advanced users (SYSDBA or DBA) are unable to manipulate the generated compliance results and/or reports. Unlike any database driven applications, advanced users can alter and edit the compliance status and their stored building code values within the database repository schema then rollback the original values.

Expedite the process.

Commercial Building Inspector® is an intelligent tool that automates the more mundane and routine design tasks associated with code checking, allowing all concerned to focus their expertise toward creating a more efficient and sustainable built environment.

Return of investment (ROI).

The ramification of plan review delays can't be ignored. Commercial Building Inspector cost is negligible considering the detrimental financial impact due to delays in the proposed construction starting date. As a building owner, not meeting such date will increase the project's overall cost and will increase the
ROI period in which will be a great source of frustration.

Increase your plan review accuracy.

Our innovative solution allows users to capture, analyze design tasks associated with code checking and generates compliance status reports with the click of a button prior to any submittals for a formal code review (QA & QC), which is the basis of any permit issuing authority compliance decision. This helps the Designer to ascertain the best ways to inter-connect the building elements within the design at the front end of the project.

Submit/Upload/Email CBI data file.

Once the design has been submitted to the permit issuing authority for official review, the permit issuing authority can utilize CBI's "Open Standards" data file to determine whether the plan specifications are in compliance and easily guide the project to a compliance status. This reduces unnecessary delays, frequent redesign of the original drawings and the potential for liability due to compliance error.



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