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Commercial Building Inspector
 Intelligence for your safety that makes manual reviews a thing of the past

OptaSoft innovative patent pending technology revolutionizes the construction industry by dramatically increasing productivity in the actual review task of the code checking and solves the problem, through artificial intelligence, head on, and renders a pass or fail with a click of a button while reinforcing the educational level of each user. This ensures efficiency, quality, consistency, simplicity while maintaining the degree of protection and life safety intended by the applicable International Building Codes. It eliminates the current method of tediously sifting through code books or database compilations to find the requirements and exceptions which apply, thereby increasing the user's productivity and knowledge in the proper use and application of the 2012, 2009, 2006, 2003, 2000 International Building Codes.

The next-generation workforce will have to do more with less and they need a new set of tools. They are already experts on Facebook, Twitter and Text-massaging. Let's be honest, do we really expect them to manually mark up digital plans?

    OptaSoft delivers the world's most powerful, innovative and the easiest patent pending commercial building plan review software solution in today's market. OptaSoft can deliver at your finger tips 36 Quintillion (1018) building code decisions, more capabilities, more power, greater quality and greater ease of use to the 2000, 2003, 2006, and 2009 International Building Code. Read more...
    The perfect tool for managing municipal response letters. Quickly and easily create custom inspection documents that conform to existing inspection processes. Fully customized to handel and track multiple comments of building, electrical, mechanical sewer, traffic and plumbing inspections Read more...
    Unleash the power of a perfect tool for technically comprehensive review. This popular worksheets are developed for municipal and design professionals to prompt a technically comprehensive review. Read more....
    We perfected it for 12 years and came up with a building codes compliance software architecture that is comprised of integrated intelligent components, along with detailed independent channels of building code analysis, which operate in conjunction with one another. It makes manual reviews a thing of the past.
    Our innovative solution utilizes C++ frame work object oriented technology. Therefore, permit issuing authorities, design professionals and consultants enjoy a peace of mind that advanced users (SYSDBA or DBA) are unable to manipulate the generated compliance results and/or reports.
    Our development team always look for more efficient ways to represent all software component. This translates into a state of the art world class application that utilizes less system resources and less to implement without adding any burden to your IT department to install, integrate and maintain.
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The Future is Here!

With our patent pending technology, we perfected electronic building code compliance for 12 years and came up with really smart and efficient plan review system that makes manual insertion of digital mark-up and comment systems a thing of the past. However, when you perform an online digital plan upload that is waiting for an analyst to manually review, it is considered absolutely irrelevant to the task of performing an actual code review. Therefore, you are not whatsoever saving any plan review time.

Our product, Commercial Building Inspector® revolutionizes the construction industry by dramatically increasing productivity in the actual review task of the construction plans while maintaining the degree of protection and life safety intended by the 2000, 2003, 2006, 2009, 2012 International Building Codes. Review time had been reduced by at least 50-95%, depending upon the complexity of the plans required to be reviewed. When increasing productivity in this process, more permits can be issued, which in turn helps to create jobs in the construction industry, thereby stimulating the economy.

Fact: Our innovative technology can't replace the valuable insight and experience a plan examiner or a design professional can bring to a project; rather, it is a tool that will automate the more mundane and routine design tasks associated with code checking, allowing all concerned to focus their expertise toward creating a more efficient and sustainable built environment.

True code enforcement!
A key and comprehensive advantage of Commercial Building Inspector® is that, our technology is very smart, secure and efficient; rather than changing the embodiment of the materials to be reviewed by creating code studies, hosting a workspace web enabled document management service to submit plans for review by analysts, offering databases of building codes for electronic access, modeling the design in 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D, inserting mark-ups and comments on drawings, comparing drawings side-by-side using digital overlay, moving the problem from left to right, or even manipulating the structure's data to make the presentation of such more user friendly, our C++ framework environment technology, through artificial intelligence, provides you with smart 36 Quintillion (1018) manipulation proof building code decisions and actually solves the problem, head on, and renders a pass/acceptance or fail/rejection with a click of a button. This ensures efficiency, quality, consistency and simplicity while maintaining the degree of protection and life safety intended by the applicable codes.
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"What I like about the software is that I can have less experienced staff work on it and I have a well-organized code review approach that makes my job dramatically simpler and reduces claims"
Barry A. Miller, AIA, LEED AP
Vice President
Johnson, Mirmiran & Thompson





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